Tailored market access for innovative medical technology solutions

Welcome to MedTecXperts


Client Services

MedTecXperts provides a wide range of tailored services in MedTech to

  • Support early stage medical technology companies in market access and tailored global business development.
  • Service start-up as well as established companies in setting up optimal organizational structures.
  • Assist MedTech companies in quality management and regulatory aspects to comply with European standards.
  • Improve sales force effectiveness in established sales organizations irrespective of the business sector.

Your Key Challenges

What are your key strategic business challenges that prevent you from reaching your goals? – Right now or in the near future?

We believe that a tailored and targeted approach can make the difference in solving main challenges in a successful way.

Our Solution

MedTecXperts connects your strategy with your challenges to generate high performance in reaching your strategic business goals.

We focus on market readiness by optimizing internal structures and processes as well as business strategy and by improving sales force effectiveness.

Your Partner

MedTecXperts is able to meet the specific needs of international clients due to key performance factors, such as

  • Many years of medical technology experience in commercializing innovative class IIa/IIb and III devices as well as AIMDs.
  • Practical experience both in the big corporate space as well as start-up environments.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of corporate governance, change management, organizational setup and development in order to establish effective internal structures.
These competencies qualify us to be your partner for business consultancy or for market development as qualified medical device distributor.